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Pudding Media leads ways to free calling by delivering
fun, entertaining and valuable information and offers.

Pudding Media Reduces the Cost of Calls While Displaying News,
Video Clips, Photos and Ads Based on Keywords Spoken in Calls.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Sept. 24, 2007 – Pudding Media today announced pioneering technology that will speed the transition to free calling by displaying fun, entertaining and valuable information and offers on any computer or handset screen or inbox based on relevant keywords spoken in a phone call.

Pudding Media is building a platform that opens new advertising real estate, allowing consumers to immediately receive and respond to offers related to topics they are discussing. At the same time, Pudding Media’s technology allows any communications provider – mobile carrier, Internet telephony service, even Web publisher – to offer new ad-supported calling plans.

“Pudding Media’s platform marries telecommunications and advertising to benefit everyone,” said Ariel Maislos, CEO and co-founder, Pudding Media. “Consumers gain a cool new dimension to their calls with more interesting, timely information and advertising that seamlessly bridge their virtual and real-world experiences; brands reach consumers with more targeted, relevant offers; and communications providers gain a new revenue stream.”

Users can experience a beta version of these calls in a Web site that showcases how the Pudding Media platform displays interesting, timely information and offers during a conversation. Consumers can simply visit www.thepudding.com, enter a phone number and make a free call to any number in North America. When certain keywords are spoken, interesting and timely news, entertainment, and offers are displayed on the screen. For example, a consumer talking about movies may see links to trailers, reviews and show times for nearby theaters. A sports fan talking about a favorite team may see commentary and game statistics on a computer or handset screen.

The Pudding beta makes calling fun and easy – to make unlimited free calls there’s no download, dial-out or complicated connection scheme.

Advertisers can select from tens of thousands of keywords that when spoken will generate promotional advertising, or the sending of entertainment and information   directly to a consumer. Marketers will have opportunities to display offers as well as information about their brand or service to consumers during their conversations. By creating a personalized, immersive and engaging experience that consumers can “show off” to friends and family, Pudding Media’s platform promotes quantifiable brand benefits, increased brand awareness and ultimately increased sales.

Eventually, Pudding Media will support any call – fixed line, VoIP and mobile – enabling advertisers to send location-specific offers in real time.

About Pudding Media
Pudding Media is a San Jose-based startup building a revolutionary technology that opens new advertising real estate, enabling brands to display contextually relevant information and offers in real time to consumers based on keywords spoken in their calls. Pudding Media’s platform allows any communications provider – mobile carrier, Internet telephony service, even Web publisher – to offer new ad-supported calling plans.


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