Professional home care for bedridden patients

Professional home care for bedridden patients

When a disaster strikes a family and some family member is bedridden because of age or hard diseases, all worries and concerns about sick person treatment turn into big problems of his relatives. Sometimes these burdens are very difficult because of lack of time, big moral and physical efforts. After all, taking care for bedridden patients at home requires the arrangement of their everyday activity that meet all the needs of such patients. Unfortunately, it becomes clear quite soon that it is impossible to combine professional activity and care for sick family member. It is also difficult to see sufferings of a loved one every day. But there is a way out – professional nurses and care givers which will take all responsibilities for bedridden patients care with genuine warmth improving their quality of life.

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Bedridden patients’ home care requires excellent professionalism and human sympathy from nurses and care givers. As a rule, professional care givers have medical degree and extensive experience in working with bedridden patients, including care of aged patients. They know basic symptoms of different diseases, have a clue about various techniques and methods of treatment, keep a diary of the disease, collect data about patient’s health state condition to inform his physician, take care of patients and track their psychological state, help medical professionals and perform their prescriptions, contribute greatly into a quick recovery and support a patient and a whole family in difficult times. Nurses and care givers execute all kinds of medical procedures: medicine droppers, intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous injections, wound dressings, enema and treatment of bedsores. Moreover, they provide exercise therapy, massage, manual therapy and much more. Home care of bedridden patients includes housekeeping services: food purchasing and cooking, apartment cleaning and assistance to patient in hygienic procedures performing.

Experienced nurse will accurately fulfill all doctor’s prescriptions, carry out designated physical exercises that restore motor function, give medications on time, and if necessary, do any tests and take them to the hospital lab. Professional nurse is always friendly and attentive to patients. The care that they surround sick patients cannot be compared with hospital services. If you turn to nursing service, you will assure that sweet home, good mental state and professional care have astounding health-improving effect. Experienced caregivers guarantee decency and professional competence to all patients as they work every day to help sick people overcome illness and restore health.

You can safely entrust care of aged relatives to experienced, qualified and attentive caregivers able to build trust relationships with their patients. Fundamental principles of their work are: respect for aged person, understanding of his character traits and habits, patience, tactfulness and kindness. They also have diplomatic attitude to mood changes, irritability and manifestations of displeasure. You should remember that aged people dependent greatly on those who help them that is why it is better to entrust the care of your aged relatives to professional caregivers with impeccable reputation. Learn more about the best light exercises for a patient, on this website: