Baking Meat Pies

Baking Meat Pies

While many have never tasted them before, meat pies are a delicious food that appears in cuisines throughout the world. Each region of the world offers a different culinary twist on this traditional dish, with all of them delectable and tasty. So if you are looking to try out a new international dish, and are on the hunt for a treat that will leave your taste buds begging for more, here are some tips on baking your first meat pie that will keep you coming back for more.


The basic premise of a meat pie is very simple. It is simply a traditional piecrust with savory fillings that acts as a meal on its own. Almost every culture has its own version of a meat pie, all across the globe. Because of the global nature of this delicacy, each region adds a different twist to put in place its own unique stamp. Many South American countries will add pork into what they refer to as Empanadas; some Northern European nations add dark beer into the ingredients of their meat pies; and Middle Eastern countries often add a delicious yogurt sauce into the pastry.

Each kind offers a different culinary experience, with all of them allowing you to enjoy a separate part of the world. Here are some of the most famous meat pies that you should make a point to try:

Chicken Pot Pie

This is an American favorite! Usually filled with chicken, peas, carrots, onions, potatoes, and anything else hearty, this incredible recipe is a great treat on a cool autumn day. The ingredients can vary, but the basic premise of chicken and vegetables creates a steaming pie filled with delectable foods.


This is a much less commonly tried option. The Sfiha is what most Middle Eastern countries refer to as their meat pie, and it generally consists of a piecrust filled with beef, tahini, yoghurt, tomatoes and pine nuts. And while it differs greatly from a chicken pie, it still offers a spicy and savory treat from another part of the world.


Also known as the South and Central American meat pie, the Empanada is sure to please even the pickiest of taste buds. It is usually filled with pork, olives, cheese, salami or egg, and is baked in a variety of different types of dough. This international meat pie is bursting with flavor and offers some of the best cuisine around.

Directions for Baking

If you decide to make your own meat pie, remember a few things. First, keep it simple! A meat pie only consists of crust and filling, and keeping this in mind will provide for a very pleasant cooking experience. Second, try a recipe and expand from there. Using a recipe can give you a basic idea of what to expect, with the option of adding anything else you would like. And third, enjoy your first meat pie!

First Bites

A meat pie can be a delicious treat throughout any time of the year. Try creating your first meat pie to be introduced to a culinary delight that you will be dreaming about after each and every bite.

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