What Makes Italian Restaurants Great?

Italian Restaurants Great

Good Italian restaurants never fail to make a positive contribution to their neighborhoods. Whether patronized for purposes of romance, family celebrations or simply for the goodness of the food and beverage offerings, people tend to make reservations at an Italian restaurant because they want the occasion to be special. Whether the establishment has linen tablecloths, silver candlesticks and wines from Italy’s finest vineyards or is a simple trattoria with bare wooden table tops where the cheap Chianti flows freely, Italian restaurants have several things in common that give them all a special edge.

Daily Specials and Regional Dishes

All good Italian cooks have recipes that have been passed down to them over the years from family members, and these recipes frequently find their way onto restaurant menus. Because food is a component of Italian social life, patrons frequently get to hear the story behind the food from the person who prepares or serves it. It’s becoming increasingly common for Italian culinary establishments to use social media as a way to engage existing and potential clientele. Because menu offerings can change rapidly, social media is a great way to let customers know about daily specials. Many proprietors include interesting stories about the history of their business and stories about their food and wine offerings.

The Staff

Those who work in an Italian restaurant are frequently family members or long-time friends of the owners, and that creates a more personal touch than if the staff were selected from random applicants. The staff in this type of establishment is likely to remember the birthdays as well as the culinary and wine preferences of individual members of their regular clientele. Whether the restaurant is an expensive, fancy establishment with menus featuring high-dollar items or a modest cafe, the staff is likely to be adept at helping the patrons feel at home.

The Clientele

Those who are new in any given neighborhood would be well-advised to seek out the local Italian cafe and become a regular customer as soon as possible. This is an excellent way to meet local people and to have a comfortable and safe place to go. The clientele at Italian restaurants are generally open, friendly types of people who enjoy meeting others.

The Food and Wine

Mediterranean cuisine is among the healthiest in the world, and finely-crafted Italian food and wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be thoroughly enjoyed. Because the menus of most Italian eating establishments change frequently, a customer could patronize a place several times per week for a number of years and never get bored with the available food and beverage options. Many small Italian eateries feature wines from centuries-old family vineyards. Regular customers of Italian restaurants and cafes find more than nourishing food and drink at the establishments that they frequent: they find laughter, friendship, memories and a strong sense of community. A good Italian restaurant is a tremendous asset to any community, and those who are lucky enough to have one within walking distance should patronize it often.

Jessie Vallery is a blogger and self-proclaimed foodie, who enjoys a fantastic night out at a quality Italian restaurant.